Mac OS X Software

In July of 2004 I succeeded my long run of Linux computers with a brand-new aluminum Powerbook G4 from Apple Computer. This is not the Macintosh of old. The modern Mac operating system is OS X (pronounced "oh ess ten"), a BSD-unix derivative that is actually the direct descendant of the NeXTSTEP/OpenStep operating system instead of MacOS 9 and earlier.

I migrated to Mac OS X because, while I loved Linux, I really enjoyed using applications that share a consistent and high-performance user interface. Since it is a true Unix machine, all of my old Python and shell scripts run just as well as they did under Linux. OS X combines the power of Unix that I have become accustomed to and love with a great user interface and set of OS services.


Enough advocacy. Here are the OS X software projects that I felt might be of some interest to the community at large. This software is provided as-is, without any warranty or support.

RS-232 terminal emulator

Saves and restores configurations to HP1630 & HP1631 series logic analyzers.