Vintage Computing Devices

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I have an interest in classic computing devices of all kinds, but especially some of the early 8-bit home computers, Sharp pocket computers, and Sharp and HP calculators. This section of the web site provides information about vintage computers and calculators that I own.

Here is a list of devices currently in my modest collection. Links will be added as I create pages for them.

8-Bit Computers


Apple //e

Commodore VIC-20


HP 48S

HP 28C/28S

HP 15C

HP 16C

Sharp EL-512

Sharp EL-5200

16-Bit Computers

Pocket Computers

Video Game Consoles

Atari 1040ST

HP 200LX

IBM Personal Computer

Sharp PC-1262

Sharp PC-1360

Radio Shack PC-2

Sharp PC-1500A

Atari VCS (2600)

Nintendo Entertainment System


"Newer" Vintage

Slide Rules

SGI Indigo2

SGI Onyx2

HP 9000 735/125

HP C8000

DEC VAXstation 4000 VLC

Power Mac G3 (beige)

Power Mac G4

PowerBook G4

Post Versalog 1460

Devices that I had at one time, but no longer possess:

Apple Macintosh Plus

Apple Macintosh LC III
(actually Taia's first computer)

Sharp EL-5100

Web Resources

For those interested in classic computing devices, there are several good sites on the web worth checking out. Here are a few of my favorites:

8-Bit computers
Erik Klein's large personal collection
Apple II site
Calculators Museum of HP Calculators
Viktor Toth's large personal collection
HP48 Software Archive
Pocket Computers The Pocket Computer Museum (English/French)
Sharp PC-1500 (TRS-80 PC-2) resource page
SharpCalc Pocket Computer Resources
Aldweb (English/French)
Simon's Pocket Computer Resources (English/German)
Tony's large personal collection (German)
Destroyedlolo's Sharp Page (English/French)
Slide Rules The Slide Rule Universe
Last modified: December 26, 2023